On the 5th Day of Christmas, Yoga gave to me…

Who loves a good sing along at Christmas time? Almost everyone right! That joyous festive feeling we get listening to the usual Christmas songs warm our heart, make us feel safe. There’s a reason for that; its down to mantras, Manifestation and law of attraction. Think about this… When we sing Christmas/ Carol songs orContinue reading “On the 5th Day of Christmas, Yoga gave to me…”

Confidence: Behind the Smile.

To me, confidence is something everyone strives for and yet is somewhat looked down on, envied and judged. Is it really achievable? Or is what we really portray is just acceptance of who we are and our situation right then in that very moment. What really does this mean right now for most of ourContinue reading “Confidence: Behind the Smile.”

Self-Help Books that Changed My Life!

It was so hard to chose only a few books for this post, as there’s so many I’ve resonated with and each and every one has taught me something different that i’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. For that reason, there will definitely be more book reviews to come, especially asContinue reading “Self-Help Books that Changed My Life!”