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**Disclaimer ** Posts are posted late at the minute due to family circumstances. I will try my best to keep updating, but i can’t promise. Thank you for understanding.


Good morning! Today, after a very rough heatwave here in the UK, I can finally say I’m snuggled on my sofa with a cup of coffee, watching This Morning and listening to the rain crashing against my window… Its such a relief to have rain after heat, and its a gentle reminder from the universe that sometimes we have to break down in order to shine our brightest☀️

Sometimes we have to break down in a storm in order to shine our brightest☀️

The reason i’m here today is to speak a little about my new job and how I can help anyone out there in the UK who’s struggling to keep up with bills, or even if you could just do with a new opportunity to make an extra income in your own time.

The incredible benefits include bonuses, holiday incentives, amazing discounts and cashback, lots of new friends, chances to win cars/experienecs etc, and many party nights having cocktails delivered straight to your door, so you can even socialise from home!

If you want to know abit about this opportunity, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! This IS NOT a scam, and it isn’t your usual selling beauty products on instagram either, its a life changing legitimate business, with the most incredibly possible outcomes🙌

Also, I’ve just recently signed onto an online Crystal Healing and Reflexology course I can be completing whilst I wait for my Yoga training to start up again… Saying that, I do appreciate the extra time I’ve had to study and improve my flows and knowledge and I hope you all spend this time to work on yourself for you!

Email me for any more information at ❤

The best pain reliever yet?

Happy Thursday my beautiful people! I’m back today for a very special blog post, also very relevant to my situation right now… If you want to skip straight to the Our Remedy review, see below.

I’ve been in Hospital!

Firstly, i’ll explain why I’ve been quiet recently; On Monday I was admitted to hospital via ambulance due to severe pain and dehydration caused by my menstrual cycle. All the paramedics, doctors and nurses were incredible and I couldn’t fault the care they gave me at all! I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, and to the whole of the NHS and supporting staff for providing me the support and medical attention I needed, especially during such a pressured uncertain time. The results are unclear, despite being pre-diagnosed with endometriosis, i’m still awaiting tests for confirmation.

Our Remedy, CBD Oil!

Our Remedy CBD – PR Package *GIFTED*

I was so excited to see my gifted package had arrived this morning from the amazing company ‘Our Remedy’ (all links are below!). I’m grateful to have this opportunity to try and review their CBD oil, aimed at alleviating period pains and balancing hormones. Now, if you read above, you know this is EXACTLY what i need right now! And anything natural, is worth trying, and with the reviews from women who have sworn by CBD oil, i am definitely intrigued and eager to get started!

My package contained a bunch of goodies including some pads, tampons, tea bags, the CBD oil, and chocolate 😍! It made my day and included everything you can think you need at that time of the month. If you’re like me, most women suffer with at least 1 symptom when it comes to PMS, and its unfortunately something we have to deal with as women together, every month for a week straight.

For me, this is too long, if you think about it, that adds up to a whopping 84 days out of a year! Which is a whole year gone every 4 years : waiting around whilst i’m in pain for that long, wishing my life away, is not how I want to live my life! Especially my young adult years…

Today I start taking the oil to see (if any) the affects it has on my periods. The oil is taken 2 times a day, underneath the tongue. The benefits stated include: easing cramps/muscle pain, easing hormonal mood swings and anxiety, relief for skin inflammation, stress and insomnia… Check back on my blog or over on my Instagram where ill be updating you regularly on how I’m getting along!

Self Care Kit Ideas: What To Include In Your Own Kit

AD – This post contains gifted items but all thoughts are my own | When you cut your finger or sprain your ankle, what do you do first? Apart from curse a few times and potentially cry, you head for that trusty first aid kit that’s probably gathering dust under the bathroom sink. As we…

Self Care Kit Ideas: What To Include In Your Own Kit

Happy International Yoga Day!

Happy International day of yoga to all my beautiful yogis and non-yogis out there! How amazing to coincide to the Summer Solstice with a day of celebration for a tradition as powerful as yoga🧘‍♀️

As in a previous post, I mentioned I was taking part in a project for today, with a few of the fellow community on Instagram…

Well… Its here! The amazing Mel put together our beautiful yoga alphabet, created by all the inspirational girls & boys taking part. Id just like to say thankyou, to everyone who took the time and effort to make this little piece of art ✨

It was a pleasure and so fun to do this with you all! If you don’t already, head to the original post below and give everyone a follow who’s involved! You won’t regret it I promise!

Yoga Alphabet


Yes. I Have PTSD.

I was eventually diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder early 2019… But i’m not a soldier with shell shock right? Or someone whose been through an awful experience such as 911, loss of a parent, or an RTA etc. But yes, I still do have PTSD.

Little did I know, PTSD was the diagnosis and overall reason for most of my previous mental health problems. It’s hard to believe I actually have PTSD. I’ve been previously miss diagnosed with my symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic disorder, eating disorders; and all involved thought treating those would sort me out.

Mental health is tough to diagnose, as most symptoms fall under an umbrella category, and most of the time, they come eclectically. Sometimes I didn’t believe it, and I just thought of it as another label. Other people have been through worse, I haven’t seen what they have. I didn’t do what they did… but I experienced trauma in my own unfortunate way.

When you suffer with PTSD, its normal to forget, or not believe what happened actually happened. We can push it down, or turn it round to meet our views and perspectives. But the trauma itself is the reason for my poor views and perceptions…

To truly solve my worry, is to truly face my fears. And during my journey, I have come to terms with accepting my diagnosis, and I will re-live, sort out and amend my connections to the memory/emotions surrounded them.

My trauma will always be a part of my life.

I’m just grateful that through EMDR, I can still live as myself, with my memories that made me who I am, but to be able to cope on a day to day basis, living in the moment instead of in my head, 20+ years ago, is the most perfect thing and I will forever be grateful to my incredible therapists, family and support system forever. ❤

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