Life Update & Instagram. 2019

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is well & fighting on this gloomy summer day. I’m currently sat snuggled up in bed after finishing Yoga with Adriene – PTSD Yoga. After this session, I felt a sence of calm I havent felt in a long time, and it made me resonate with the fact that the universe can be so calm and still, yet our minds wander; constantly worrying what might happen.

I realised, the only time I can block these thoughts is when I’m reading, exercising or practicing yoga. I wanted to build my confidence, and so… My new Instagram page has been set up:) I decided to only follow people who inspire me and pages that make me happy as part of a social detox. I feel like this will help keep my energy positive and inspire me to continue fighting.

If you would like to see more regular updates and little snippets of what’s it’s like trying to live in a mad house, alongside my yoga flows then head over to my IG, which is @fxyogi_life

I appreciate all the support & want you to know that it’s ok not to be ok. We will get there together.

Until the next time,Foxy🦊

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