On the 1st day of Christmas, Yoga gave to me…

Good evening yogis, and welcome back to my blog! After a very eventful year (to say the least); I’m back, and I have some very exciting content coming up this month for the run up to Christmas!🎄🎅 Today’s post is all about feeling good when we practice! With lockdown this year, we haven’t had theContinue reading “On the 1st day of Christmas, Yoga gave to me…”

Confidence: Behind the Smile.

To me, confidence is something everyone strives for and yet is somewhat looked down on, envied and judged. Is it really achievable? Or is what we really portray is just acceptance of who we are and our situation right then in that very moment. What really does this mean right now for most of ourContinue reading “Confidence: Behind the Smile.”

The best pain reliever yet?

Happy Thursday my beautiful people! I’m back today for a very special blog post, also very relevant to my situation right now… If you want to skip straight to the Our Remedy review, see below. I’ve been in Hospital! Firstly, i’ll explain why I’ve been quiet recently; On Monday I was admitted to hospital viaContinue reading “The best pain reliever yet?”