EMDR – The reliving stage.

Following on from my previous post in this series, i explained how your therapist will prepare you for the final stage of the EMDR process – reliving. Here, everything you’ve worked on throughout your sessions, especially the grounding techniques and belief systems will really need to come into play. **DISCLAIMER** I just want to makeContinue reading “EMDR – The reliving stage.”

Our Remedy CBD Oil Review.

UNPAID AD: I received a PR package from Our Remedy a few months ago, and I’m so excited to tell you all about the incredible benefits I can already start to notice! Firstly, let’s just address how cute this is! I have to admit, when the postman arrived with this the day before my cycle,Continue reading “Our Remedy CBD Oil Review.”

New Instagram Post!

Post says it all. Full post is on my blog – Link in bio. Also posted a short story of my morning self love meditation Lots of love . . . . . . #yogauk #selflove #ukyogabloggers #mentalhealthblog #bodyappreciation #bodyconfidence #selfapppreciation #selfacceptance #ptsdrecovery #taketime #breathe #letgo #itsokaynottobeokay #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthjournal #ukblog #discoverunder1k #taketime #allowyourselftofeel https://www.instagram.com/p/CCI5Vj8jTo3/?igshid=wwd4yi889cgw

Confidence: Behind the Smile.

To me, confidence is something everyone strives for and yet is somewhat looked down on, envied and judged. Is it really achievable? Or is what we really portray is just acceptance of who we are and our situation right then in that very moment. What really does this mean right now for most of ourContinue reading “Confidence: Behind the Smile.”

Try something new!

**Disclaimer ** Posts are posted late at the minute due to family circumstances. I will try my best to keep updating, but i can’t promise. Thank you for understanding. NEW JOB AND EDUCATING MYSELF Good morning! Today, after a very rough heatwave here in the UK, I can finally say I’m snuggled on my sofaContinue reading “Try something new!”

Self Care Kit Ideas: What To Include In Your Own Kit

AD This post contains gifted items but all thoughts are my own | When you cut your finger or sprain your ankle, what do you do first? Apart from curse a few times and potentially cry, you head for that trusty first aid kit thats probably gathering dust under the bathroom sink. As weContinue reading “Self Care Kit Ideas: What To Include In Your Own Kit”