Looking after yourself during a pandemic…

The world is crazy right now; everyone is suffering in some way or another. Some more than others. Its clear to see that as a society, our mental health is depleting and sooner or later, the rate of suicide will increase to a point of no return. We need to start to focus on ourContinue reading “Looking after yourself during a pandemic…”

On the 1st day of Christmas, Yoga gave to me…

Good evening yogis, and welcome back to my blog! After a very eventful year (to say the least); I’m back, and I have some very exciting content coming up this month for the run up to Christmas!🎄🎅 Today’s post is all about feeling good when we practice! With lockdown this year, we haven’t had theContinue reading “On the 1st day of Christmas, Yoga gave to me…”

EMDR – The reliving stage.

Following on from my previous post in this series, i explained how your therapist will prepare you for the final stage of the EMDR process – reliving. Here, everything you’ve worked on throughout your sessions, especially the grounding techniques and belief systems will really need to come into play. **DISCLAIMER** I just want to makeContinue reading “EMDR – The reliving stage.”

Our Remedy CBD Oil Review.

UNPAID AD: I received a PR package from Our Remedy a few months ago, and I’m so excited to tell you all about the incredible benefits I can already start to notice! Firstly, let’s just address how cute this is! I have to admit, when the postman arrived with this the day before my cycle,Continue reading “Our Remedy CBD Oil Review.”