Weekly Photo…

How beautiful is the world after we’ve given it a rest, its incredible how nature can affect your mental health. This week, i challenge you to go out into nature, spend some time in the quiet and post all your beautiful photos to bring some peace & positivity to the feed

We stand united.

Most days. This is how my thoughts make my body feel. Its normal to feel overwhelmed with all the hurt in the world going on right now Its okay to be all fuzzy and confused. Its okay to be angry and not know why. Its okay to speak about your traumas and mental health. –Continue reading “We stand united.”

The Best Online Yoga for Home Practice

There is a lot of uncertainty throughout the world right now, and there is no better time to nurture or cultivate your home yoga practice. A home yoga practice will help you maintain or improve your physical strength, flexibility, and endurance. It will also help your mental health as you make or improve important connectionsContinue reading “The Best Online Yoga for Home Practice”

Talking to People You Disagree With

Three weeks ago, I wrote this post about the importance of seeking out and considering multiple perspectives. At the time, I was thinking about the pandemic, the reopening debate, the culture wars surrounding masks and social distancing, and dissension about economic policies and social inequalities. After writing the post, I remarked to a friend thatContinue reading “Talking to People You Disagree With”


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend & a fabulous Friday鴷 Take some time & remember to breathe. Be grateful for your privileges and educate yourself on something new, help yourself understand others and the world around us by learning to understand yourself first鴾 …..

Alphabet Project Photo…

Recently, a few of the girls in the Yogi community over on Instagram began a project for International Yoga day. I was flattered to be a part of this and had to get involved! To meet, work with and support incredible, inspirational woman all over the world.