Loneliness in a lock down…

Being Lonely doesn’t necessarily mean you have no one. You can feel lonely despite being in a crowded room, and the feeling is overwhelming.

“Speak up” & “Ask for help” have such an important meaning behind them, but I’ll be the first to say it really is easier said then done… Have you ever felt so terrified and guilty for speaking up about your problems? Do you usually just get the whole “You have so much to be grateful for, you can’t be lonely, at least you aren’t alone”.

I get it, but it is completely wrong. You have the right to feel lonely, no matter how grateful you are, and you should never be made to feel wrong about feeling a certain way. If you feel scared to speak up, open up to someone; know you aren’t alone, and there is a way to feel connected to someone or something bigger than you, in order to rid the daunting feeling of being alone.

Loneliness to me, is craving something from all different types of people, wanting someone who understands or just to talk about something different, its not being able to “fit in” even if you care for people so much, you feel like the wonky peice of jigsaw that doesn’t seem to have a perfect spot to slot into.

We all have a place in this wonderful & bizarre world.

  • Have you ever listened to a podcast or watched something & felt like you were there, you know and feel comfortable with people who aren’t actually present physically? Its an incredible way to feel connected, and I would highly recommend the new podcast ‘Keep you company’ hosted by the amazing Elsbeth and Steph off IG, the motto is they’re there to be your friends, when you can’t be with your friends. And thats spot on! The girls will have you thinking, howling with laughter and relating on a deeper level, knowing you are definitely not alone.
  • https://open.spotify.com/episode/4cNsvkZMOOgrh7Lc2zvHAb?si=8pWZM6c5Rk6LbuLxnEu1Zw&utm_source=copy-link
  • Stick on a live concert on YouTube & imagine you’re one of the 100s of people enjoying & living the live music you’re dancing round to!
  • Affirmations are a great way for me to feel less alone, it sounds cringey but I’m sure most people talk to themselves right? (Or is just me?) Well next time you just wanna talk, tell yourself how amazing & supported you are! Tell yourself this is all gonna be over soon, there is light at the end of the tunnel & you aren’t alone. Communication &

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Stockport based Yoga Teacher. Email contact@evefoxyoga.co.uk for any business enquireies

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