On the 4th Day of Christmas, Yoga gave to YOU…

Sadly, Christmas has become more and more materialistic, with our ‘lists to Santa’ getting longer and more pricey each year. This works both ways though;

With more people spending more on others as well; is this due to peer pressure? Or can we really not think of anything else to gift our loved ones?

This is where Karma yoga comes in!

This year, I challenge you to give your time, energy/care to a stranger, or a loved one; because it is your yogic duty to society, not because you may gain from it. This act is an act of Karmic yoga. You know the saying ‘What goes around comes back around’ and its very much true. But when we act in certain ways, even giving to others, usually it benefits us too. Whether that be joy from seeing someone happy, or a gift in exchange.

Similarly, when we practice Karmic Yoga we are acting on behalf of others. But instead of getting a benefit from it, we just do. And sometimes we might not be comfortable performing these acts, such as getting up and going to work. But… You are increasing the overall energy of the universe by doing so.

Now, this is where it can get confusing… Although we act without expecting a return, the universe will most definitely reward you in some way, but it could be for years… Maybe every little thing you do eventually builds up to you winning the lottery. You won’t feel like taking the bins out or doing your mums shopping is the reason, but believe me, its one of them.

Practicing Karma yoga is one of the many Yogic traditions, explained in the Bhagavad-Gita. You can find more information online. But for now, just focus on doing that favour, and just do it. Then carry on living your life in peace.

Maybe you can wash the pots Christmas day! Its a start👀…

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes!

Eve X

Published by Eve Fox

Stockport based Yoga Teacher. Email contact@evefoxyoga.co.uk for any business enquireies

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