Real Time Update…

Let’s be real… 2020 has been an absolute nightmare. But, I’m not here to moan, just to accept this, and accept where I am in all of this misery and pain.

Luckily, Covid didn’t stop me taking my teacher training with the YMCA and thankfully I can sit my assignment in November to become a fully qualified Yoga instructor! This is super exited as you can imagine, however it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park, and other aspects of my life have unfortunately been neglected in order to meet deadlines etc.

The one thing training has taking its toll on most is my social life, which means I trade my personal practice to see family and friends. In real life, no one has the time to get dressed and film all their practice, in perfect gym wear. Most of the time, all I can manage is a wobbly 5 minute flow (plus doggy distractions) but that’s okay.

I’m just here to remind you all, its not about the result or how it looks… But how you feel on the journey there 💓

Published by Eve Fox

Stockport based Yoga Teacher. Email for any business enquireies

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