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**Disclaimer ** Posts are posted late at the minute due to family circumstances. I will try my best to keep updating, but i can’t promise. Thank you for understanding.


Good morning! Today, after a very rough heatwave here in the UK, I can finally say I’m snuggled on my sofa with a cup of coffee, watching This Morning and listening to the rain crashing against my window… Its such a relief to have rain after heat, and its a gentle reminder from the universe that sometimes we have to break down in order to shine our brightest☀️

Sometimes we have to break down in a storm in order to shine our brightest☀️

The reason i’m here today is to speak a little about my new job and how I can help anyone out there in the UK who’s struggling to keep up with bills, or even if you could just do with a new opportunity to make an extra income in your own time.

The incredible benefits include bonuses, holiday incentives, amazing discounts and cashback, lots of new friends, chances to win cars/experienecs etc, and many party nights having cocktails delivered straight to your door, so you can even socialise from home!

If you want to know abit about this opportunity, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! This IS NOT a scam, and it isn’t your usual selling beauty products on instagram either, its a life changing legitimate business, with the most incredibly possible outcomes🙌

Also, I’ve just recently signed onto an online Crystal Healing and Reflexology course I can be completing whilst I wait for my Yoga training to start up again… Saying that, I do appreciate the extra time I’ve had to study and improve my flows and knowledge and I hope you all spend this time to work on yourself for you!

Email me for any more information at ❤

Published by Eve Fox

Stockport based Yoga Teacher. Email for any business enquireies

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