Self-Help Books that Changed My Life!

It was so hard to chose only a few books for this post, as there’s so many I’ve resonated with and each and every one has taught me something different that i’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. For that reason, there will definitely be more book reviews to come, especially as i currently have over 12 unread, brand new books on my shelf just waiting for me.

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‘F*ck It’ Series – John Parkin.

This one my first self help books, other than ‘Living Magically’ – Gill Edwards (also recommended!) which held more of a focus to grief, and angels. The F*ck It’ series, consists of 6 books all about how you can change your reaction to certain circumstances. If you usually ruminate and worry about things to the point where the worst possible outcome is death (or worse), then this is definitely for you. Even if you have no issues, i still think this book could give you a laugh, and make you see things in a new perspective. By flipping things and saying ‘F*ck it*, we release any tension or pressure in life, and the results are incredible. John Parkin, is now an inspiration of mine, and my dream is to visit his retreats one day, hopefully meeting the man himself, just to find out more about how lives.

You are a Badass – Jen Cincero.

Firstly, let’s just address the title of this book, I mean you can’t get any better than that right? This is ultimately a self-help, self-love, confidence boosting read that will have you determined to become the best you possible! Jen writes in a way that’s universal to all audiences, with the relevant humour that everyone can relate too, and stories that will have you laughing out loud. If you’re looking for an easy reader, thats going to completeley change your life. This one is up there with my favourites.

– Main lesson learnt, is that i’m a Badass and no one can stop me🤓

The Secret – Rhonda Bryne

…Holy Moly! If you haven’t heard of this, you must be living under a rock. With the amount of people raving about Rhone Brynes ‘Bible’, and my already blooming love for the law of attraction; I just had to get my hands on this one. Its a life changing book all about the law of attraction, and how once mastered, you can create your dream reality with barely any effort, just the one ‘secret’. The books full of quotes and experiences from real life people, including Philosophers, quantum physicists and your everyday average human being. All used The Secret to manifest their dream life and make their dreams a reality. The film is currently available on Netflix in the UK, so if you aren’t much of a reader, definitely give it a watch, and tell me it doesn’t change your perspective.

The Life-Changing Magic of not Giving a Fuck – Sarah Knight

My last book for today’s post, goes to Sarah Knight with The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k. This book is hilariously relatable, and can be used in all aspects of life! It gives you a checklist of tips to help rid your life of any UN necessary worries or obligations. With a Not Sorry method, and using what Sarah loves to call ‘A Fuck Budget’ we learn how to prioritise things we should actually be caring about, and clear your mind of any baggage. Other books of Sarah’s which i also loved, include Get you Sh*t together, and Calm the F**k down.

What are your favourite self-help books for mental health recovery?

Comment below and lets all improve our minds together.

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4 thoughts on “Self-Help Books that Changed My Life!

  1. Hello, internet stranger! Just happened to come across your lovely blog (I have anxiety/PTSD also) and wanted to thank you for this list. I also would recommend, if you’re open to it, Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction and Alan Watts’ The Book. Especially The Book. Anyway, I am gonna give you a follow; I hope that’s okay.


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