Limiting beliefs…

Our belief systems are crafted through our lives, right from the day we’re born with the DNA we hold, to the people we meet and external circumstances we find ourselves in. Everyone has one, some better than others, but indeed it’s there.

When we ask ourselves to describe who we are, mostly we jump straight to the negatives and this is totally normal. But when we really think hard enough about it, we can also believe the complete opposite.

For example, you automatically jump to ‘I’m useless’ when someone asks us how we see ourselves. Okay, so out of 100% how much do you believe you’re useless? – It’s important to remember here that everyone’s different, but from research the number is always below 100, and usually above 70%. So, if we feel useless 80% of the time, then the remaining 20% must be the opposite right, a time you DIDN’T feel useless; thus, you realise some of the time, you actually believed and truly felt you were important also of use. Taking this example, we can really delve into and break apart why we immediately jump to our negative beliefs, and in time start to turn the 80% into the 20%…

In respect, this could be because someone’s told you so. Or made you feel that way. Maybe you experienced a trauma where you couldn’t help, and held onto that guilt? All these little passing thoughts and voices eventually dig deep into our subconscious and cause us to genuinely feel this in our bodies. We may begin to feel small, vulnerable. This will lead to the belief that we may be useless or worthless. Now, as we know this belief was caused by external factors, we can also conclude that it is in no way our truth. It’s an opinion, that’s been flipped around and embedded into our beliefs. Therefore, it means WE have the ability to change this, turn it around and take control of our own thoughts and beliefs.

Next, focus on that 20%, really imagine a time you felt so confident, possibly important, and in control of the situation. Focus on this: visualise it and feel it in your body, relax, maybe start to feel yourself smiling as the power builds within you. Remember that you felt like that, and that was YOUR truth. Right then in that moment, you probably felt 100% content, full of joy and light.

If we can apply this ideal of flipping our beliefs, finding out why we have those beliefs (e.g. the external factor) and understanding, that those beliefs/thoughts are a reflection on the person causing you to feel a certain way; We can change our lives. Really believe in who we are, and live as our true self. When we feel a certain way, our minds take in all the emotions, and when we remember, imagine, visualise and believe, we can create our own reality. The limits are endless, we have the chance to re write our beliefs, to ensure we’re only ever treating ourselves with the highest amount of self-love. As without true self respect and care, how could we ever expect anyone else to believe in us, or feel the same.

Try using this when you have a spare moment, take it as a mindfulness practice, visualization is also known to assist with meditations and connecting with the divine. In no time, you’ll be surprised how much you’ve crafted your belief system, and appreciate taking these little moments to really think and love yourself.

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because once one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”

– Lao Tzu

Published by Eve Fox

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